Make a Meaningful Movie!

Nobody wants to watch Uncle Bob's feet for 30 minutes because he forgot to turn the camera off!

Creating Meaningful Movies is about editing your raw footage down to what is important and fun for you and your family and friends to view.

This is where you become the master of your video and learn to tell it what to do!

So after you've updated all your old videos to a newer format

Film 688

What to do next?

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Feeling frazzled or overwhelmed?

No worries! We are here for you!

We are ready to hold your hand at any level you need.  We can guide you through the entire process, start to finish.  Or, if you want to DIY some of it but need help in a few spots, we can do that, too!   Just schedule a 1-on-1 appointment for your personally customized movie making experience!

$50 per 30 min.

Appointments Available:

Monday thru Friday from 10:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

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Hi, I'm Kam!

I believe that making Memorable, Meaningful Movies is the most important thing you can do with your media.

Why? Because I believe that everyone wants to feel connected to those around them.  This is why we have treasured family photos for generations, and it's why having meaningful family movies is important and valuable today.

I want to make this process of making meaningful, memorable movies as easy as I can for you. You have the important role of finding those pinnacle moments in your media. We are just here to support you through the process of putting those meaningful moments together for the enjoyment of you and generations to come.

- Kam